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Strange Edition photo lab and darkroom provides a complete digital c-print workflow. From C-41 film processing and drum scanning to your final c-print Strange Edition will work with you to create your best work. We have the heart of a community darkroom with the facilities of a professional commercial photo lab.


We use a Colex C-41 dip & dunk processor to maximize consistency, quality, and minimize physical contact with your film. Contact us for bulk rates or push/pull processing.

Film SizePrice
35 / 120 / 220$ 6
4 x 5$ 3
8 x 10$ 5
11 x 14 /16 x 20$ 9

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Strange Edition takes scanning seriously. We use Creo IQSmart3 Flatbeds and Fuji Celsis 6250 Drum scanners for our high end scans. We scan at maximum optical resolution for the scanners, so 5500 dpi and 8000 dpi respectively. We also use Nikon and Epson scanners in certain cases. Use the price list to get a general idea of scanning cost then contact us to get your project started.


Media SizePrice
4 x 5 drum scan$ 50
4 x 5 flatbed wet$ 30
4 x 5 flatbed dry$ 15
35mm roll @ 400dpi$ 10

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Strange Edition uses OcĂ© LightJet 500XLs to accommodate media up to 76″ wide. We use Kodak Endura Glossy, Matte, Metallic, and Duratrans. Or bring your own, we are welcoming to your needs. Prices listed are examples for a single print so expect a dramatic discount for volume jobs. Price includes scaled proof and correction if needed.

8 x 10$ 20
30 x 40$ 120
48 x 96$ 450
72 x 120$ 650

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