Strange Edition

Photographers can be part of Strange Edition’s artist cooperative on a subscription basis. Members are granted supervised access to the photography lab’s facilities to work freely within an artistically minded collective. Assisted by a technician, artists can book time on a work station and are allowed to use the lab’s full range of equipment including drum scanners, LightJet printers, and RA4 processors.

Cooperative residencies are open to experienced professional photographers, photography students and advanced hobbyists. They are ideal for artists working on exhibitions or special projects, for busy professionals or for students looking to build skills and portfolio. Materials are billed at cost according to usage. Cooperative residencies are offered on two tiers: premium access and managed access, with priority availability given to premium access subscribers. Managed access will have some scheduling constraints. Partnerships with art schools, to facilitate lab time and teaching space for classes and individual students, are welcome. Please inquire for further information.

Membership TypePrice
One Week Premium Access$ 2000.00
One Month Premium Access$ 6000.00
One Week Managed Access$ 1000.00
One Month Managed Access$ 3000.00

Artist-in-residence program

This special program is awarded on application to artists of merit sponsored by an institution or assisted by a grant. This residency includes on-premises accommodation, full time assisted access to photo lab, processing, scanning and printing services, as well as the main studio space and all video editing services for artistic production. The artist avails of a dedicated 7,661 square foot arts facility situated in New York’s high profile artistic community, leading to an exhibition. The artist-in-residence program can last from three months to a full year. Applications must be made independently. Please inquire for further information.